Monday Business - How to Create Daily Success - Part 1

Time management is probably one of the biggest challenge for any entrepreneur. Because you can have all the success strategies in the world, unless you make time to put them into action, they won't work.

If you own a home based business or even if you're starting a home based business, one critical part of success is how you flow through the day. And it all begins with setting up your day with success.

Decide on your top 3

I talked about this in an earlier post, 10 tips to work happy and productive from homeFirst decide on your top 3 actions for the day. At most, write 5 absolute priorities for the day. These are your "no-excuses, come hell or high water, must-do" actions.

This doesn't mean letting go of your to-do list that's a mile long! Just mentally reframe that to "the list I keep to get things out of my head." Doing 54 things in the day will never happen and you will feel perpetually defeated if you try. Focus on your top 3-5. Anything you get done beyond that is icing on the success cake.

Make Them Profit Producing

One of your key thing to do is marketing your business or something directly tied to attracting clients or making sales, right? Some marketing action will always be on the list. So take a look at that list of 3-5 things (is it a list of minutia and administrative tasks or are they profit-producing tasks?). Do the profit-producing tasks first - how to market your business, how to get clients, and how to sell your services.

You can get to the other stuff later in the day. When you focus on profit-producing tasks and the cash starts coming in, it's a beautiful thing. Maybe you'll want to set specific time in the week for your admin tasks. For example, Fridays are "slower" days for me, so I dedicate part of that specific day to weekly accounting.

Shut off your email

Email and social media (like Twitter or Facebook) are very distracting, so shut them off and only start clicking around the internet when your top 3-5 cash-producing actions are taken care of.

Try shutting off your email in your most productive hours of the day (close the application entirely and not just minimize it). For social media, plan when in the day you'll go there and also how long you'll stay.

I found these tips by Allison Babb while wandering her web site, Great Small Business Advice, and thought sharing them with you in a "nutshell". Hope you'll find them useful!

Have a great week,



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