Tuesday's Find - The Birds and The Bees

Today's findings are for handmade jewelry lovers. I can't help it, I love handmade jewelry pieces:)

This first find I stumbled upon while wandering HartleyStudio's Etsy shop. These earrings are simply superb! All sterling silver and handmade, they "depict a delightful little bird (one) sitting on a branch. The branches are textured with a lovely antique hammer, which is used on most of the work you can see. The bird has a matte finish and the rest is shiny."

Aren't they delightful? Son, if you're reading this, know that I think they would make a fabulous Mother's Day present - And just so you know, Mother's Day is May 9th, in 26 days:)

The other wonderful piece I'm showing you today was found in another great online store, MySassyGlass' on Etsy. Dichroic fused glass is always spectacular, almost mesmerizing. Just look at this Bee Hive pendant - beautiful!

happens to be this the Etsy Twitter Shop of the week and to celebrate, she's offering free shipping (on orders 40$ and up) and is also hosting a giveaway! You can find all the details here.

Hope you'll take a little time to visit these boutiques! Enjoy!

Have a wonderful day,

Patricia Wood

PS: thanks for the feed back on yesterday's "
Tips to improve your SEO" post and great comments about the new VerreDesign's Shop banner:)


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