Wishful Creating

I was chatting with a fellow designer that at some point asked me if I was putting any "intention" in my work.

Tricked question? "How do you mean?" I asked.

Well, are you putting out some kind of wish or intention into your pieces as you are making them?

Tricked question indeed...

Should I tell her that designing and creating always makes me happy? That I think this is probably showing in my colorful work and attention to details? That I only focus on what I do when I create, especially at the torch? That yes, I smile everytime I complete a piece and take time to appreciate it? That I wish each of my little pieces of art will bring joy and smiles to the person who is going to wear it? That, yes, I even send positive thoughts to the person who buys one of my designs as I carefully and lovingly package it? Should I say all that?

My answer was short but included all of the above "I guess you might say so:)".

How about you? Do you put any intention into your work?

Hope you'll find time for yourself today and simply enjoy being:) And that you'll find a little time as well to prepare a postcard for Satori.

Thank's and take care,

Patricia Wood


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