Press Release - Where To Send Them?

I already talked about Press Releases in earlier posts, once in my How-to Wednesday section, another time here and mentioned it some more in this "10 ways to advertise your business for free".

But someone suggested in the “leave a suggestion” section of my blog a while back I talk about more specifically about where to send them. Here are a few ideas that I hope will help:)

Think Local
If what you’re selling appeals to a local audience, local papers, magazines and radio might just be it!

Use a search engine to search for “blog” and some keywords that might be appropriate for your work (like “handmade”, “painting”, “artist”, etc...). Check out the blogs you already know about or heard of. You may want to check their “blogroll”, a list of other blogs the writer likes. You might also want to visit Technorati and the Blog Catalog that have searchable databases for you to find blogs that write about specific topics.

If you have an online shop, contact news sources that publish online. You customers can just click a link directly to your products, making it more effective than hoping someone reading the newspaper will remember to look you up the next time they’re online. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t send a press release to your local paper – repetition and exposure are often key elements for success.

Know who you’re contacting
Find out the name of the editor for the section your story would be appropriate for and be creative! Don’t stretch the truth, look for “special features” that you might fit into. Think about your market, where and what your customers read about and where they get their gift ideas from.

If you have any other ideas, please share them with us in the comment sections!

Have a wonderful day,

Patricia Wood

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