10 Ways to Advertise your Business for Free

Wish you had hundred of dollars to spend on advertising?Like most entrepreneurs, this is something you probably can't afford. So here are 10 free ways to advertise that require more of your creativity and time than dollars:)

Email signatures
This is such a simple and easy way to promote your business! Every e-mail you send out should be accompanied by a four to six line "advertisement" for your business. Use it to promote your newsletter if you have one. As of today, start including a 'Sig file' at the end of all your emails!

Tell a Friend

Using a "Tell-A-Friend" feature on your site is a great way to get qualified traffic. Because it is a personal referral from one of your visitors it is very powerful. If they didn't think your content was useful they wouldn't recommend your site. Get it free at http://www.freetellafriend.com/

Discussion lists and Forums
Make a meaningful contribution to the group discussion and at the end of all your messages include your 'Sig file' that has an incentive to visit your site. You can check out usenet.com or Flickr and search for discussion lists related to your interests. If you’re an Etsian, attend Virtual Labs and drop and visit the Forums. You’ll get noticed.

Blogs and Media
Start your own blog and/or get featured on someone else’s blog (both Technocrati and Blog Catalog have searchable databases that will help you find blogs related to your domaines of interest). Blogs are also great to feature other artists as well and will help you networking. Send out worthy press releases (more info below) or write how-to articles. Place classified ads in free local shopper papers.

Write a press release
Writing a press release is the best way to generate some free publicity. Basically most journalists do not have much time to write stories, so if you can provide them with easily written text it becomes quite easy for them to publish it. For more info on how to write a press release, get one of Amanda Siska new ebook “Crafting a Modern Press Release” http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=28390906..

Join a Team or your local Chamber of Commerce
Never underestimate the power of a group. If you are an Etsian, become a member of a team related to your craft. Your local Chamber of Commerce will give you the opportunity to meet people from different backgrounds that may complement yours. Get involved in an event, offer a giveaway... there are multiple ways to get noticed and have people spread the word about your work.

Facebook and Twitter
Start a “business” page on Facebook and use Twitter to let people know about you. Both are great ways to connect and stay in touch. Have fun with them and follow the daily lives and adventures of hundreds of people. Don’t just wait for people to follow you or become a fan – be proactive. You’ll pick up great tips and ways from other people simply by being able to meet daily with them in the virtual world. Be subtle though and avoid the hard sale. Then start building links in to other people that you know.

Leave your business cards
Place them of billboards at your favourite local shops and restaurants.

Use your body
If you craft what I call “wearable” art (buttons, jewelry, etc..), remember to always wear some of your designs when you go out. You’ll be surprised at how many compliments you’ll get. Now, don’t just say “thank you”, hand them one of your business cards while saying it!

Use your car window
Make a poster and put it in the back window of your car. This could be just a simple web address for your business. Do a quick search on Etsy if you'd like something already made.

Any tip, link or info you'd like to share with the readers that could help them promote their business for free? Leave a comment right here!

Thanks and have a wonderful week:)

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