Manifesting Success (part. 5) - How the Magic Happens

Welcome to Day 5 of
the Manifesting Succes Series!

This week we explored how to authentically manifest success in your life. 

We defined success, the Success Mindset, its Foundation, getting in the Zone and being at the top. 

If you missed these previous posts, you catch them here: Day 1     Day 2     Day 3     Day4

For the finale, we'll see how the magic unfolds...

Magic Happens when...

You sprinkle all your hard word with Faith, Patience and Gratitude.

See them surrounding the Success Mindset pyramid.

To succeed in whichever domain of your life:
  • Work your butt off;
  • Be true to yourself;
  • Share;
  • Do everything with passion;
  • Focus on becoming the best you can be;
  • Have discipline;
  • Take action and keep pushing;
  • Do it as only you can do;
  • Trust yourself;
  • And claim the benefits of expanding to your full potential.

  • Patience - be quick but don't hurry. Success is something you build. What will you do today that will bring you closer to what you desire?
  • Faith - know in your heart it will happen. Faith is a conviction that something is; a determination to accomplish your goal; and a sense of joy deriving from your conviction and determination.
  • Gratitude - be thankful for everything you already have. Be in the now. Gratitude is the way to bring more into your life and to be happy.

Success is not a one way street. Once you're there, you can not sit back and relax: you have to continue digging deeper and expand. 

Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of

self-satisfaction in knowing you made the effort

to become the best you were capable. - John Wooden

Use the Success Mindset pyramid as a reminder and a road-map to pursue your dreams. keep working hard and to the fullest extend of your abilities, and infuse everything with passion.

I hope you enjoyed reading the Manifesting Success Series as much as I had writing it. My sincere wish is that it helps you in some way reach you goals and desires.

To your prosperity,



I hope you

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