Manifesting Success (part. 4) - Being at the Top

Welcome to Day 4 of

the Manifesting Success Series!

This week we're exploring how to authentically manifest success in your life. Ready to be pulled into your future while enjoying the journey?

Yesterday was about getting into the Zone of the success mindset. Day 1 was about defining success and on Day 2, we got the fire started learning the Foundation elements that unmistakenly lead to success.

Today is all about true self and trust. Built like a pyramid, the Success Mindset consists of values and qualities shared by EVERY successful person. At its apex, throne those that awaken and manifest prosperity. Learn about them and get your juices going with some powerful coaching questions at the end of the post. Enjoy!

How do you manifest success?

The most accomplished people have made an art of getting things done. They also have resolved to be the creators of the outcome they want, so they can change their/the world.

The Foundation and the Zone of the Success Mindset pyramid feature the values and qualities to get things done. The pyramidion, the top two rows, reveal how is created the outcome. 

So how do you manifest success? In a nutshell: be true to yourself, be confident and accept to receive abundance gracefully and gratefully. (click to tweet)

Authenticity is much more than doing things your way or showing your personality. Authenticity is holding to your principles and acting accordingly, being congruent with yourself and true to your heart. In challenging times, authenticity will keep you from being thrown off stride in how you behave or believe in. You don't have to strain to be authentic: you acquire it through the Foundation and Zone rows of the Success Mindset pyramid. It is a gift you give yourself.

Confidence comes as you reach your own level of competency, your full potential. Just like authenticity, you earn it going through the Foundation and Zone rows of the pyramid. Confidence allows you to push yourself physically, mentally, through shyness and doubt. Nothing is stronger than self-belief. What another tremendous gift to give yourself.

There's a difference between taking and receiving. Receiving is an art. And it sits at the apex of the Success Mindset pyramid. You may see it as one end of a dynamic exchange of energy that starts with giving. When you give unconditionally, you begin the process of circulating joy, wealth, abundance, prosperity. It will eventually circle back to you. Manifesting success is much more than money showing up. So gracefully accept all the gifts life has to offer as they come along.

“You must expect great things of yourself

before you can do them.” - Michael Jordan (click to tweet)

Call to action:

Today, simply reflect on Authenticity, Confidence and Receiving. Try to evaluate, without judgement, how you're doing pertaining to each. What's holding you from experiencing then fully?

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Tomorrow, in my last post of the Manifesting Success Series, I'll wrap things up by adding the final elements to the pyramid. Because like glitters, faith, patience and gratitude have such an impact when sprinkled on things and events...

Until then, take care!

To your success and happiness,



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