Do it Anyway - Turning Disappointment into Happiness

Ever felt really disappointed because something wasn't going to take place?

It happened to me just recently.

I wanted to host a blog series on success. I reached out to some of my favorite bloggers who I think know a thing or two on the topic. Not everyone replied but I was overwhelmed by the enthusiastic responses of those who did.

What I didn't really considered though was this time of year, when pretty much everybody takes a break and kinda chill out - summer is such a lovely time to do just that. Some of the bloggers came back to me asking if the series could be postponed by a couple of weeks. 

Happy bloggers always deliver better posts. And because I was counting less than 5 bloggers ready to brainstorm on the topic now - could I still call it a series? - I agreed to postpone. 

Something inside of me felt unhappy doing so. Yet It was more than disappointment. I had commit to this series and a small voice was telling me "do it anyway, now is the time". Starting working soon on a new contract, I knew it might be difficult to host this series later on.

So I decided to stretch it. And commit again. Commit to myself and all by myself. Commit to a five day series exposing the values and qualities shared by all very successful people. The How to Manifest Success blog series, I now realize, is the result of committing to give life to some of the ideas I've been incubating for quite some time.

I posted it all week long last week, here on this blog. And I just love the way I combined all the elements into one, easy to follow, processing pyramid. (Thank you Maslow and Wooden for the inspiration.)

A will finds a way.

Orison Swett Marden (click to tweet)

This was not what I intended at first when I came up with the idea of a series, and hopefully I'll get all of the original bloggers to share their points of view later this summer or this fall. But having a will to go through with it got me to creating something I hadn't even envisioned at first. It was totally worth the work.

I feel proud. And happy. And content. Not so much of the result as of my effort.

Always listen to your inner voice (click to tweet). Don't let go if you feel you have to make it happen now, even though you have to stretch it a lot. You'll get to expand and receive in some of the most amazing ways.

To your prosperity,



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