What Defines You?

I have a corporate background and I enjoyed most of the years I've been working for that big corporation. But one funny thing happened along the way: I started to define myself only by what I was doing. And I surrounded myself by people who also defined themselves by what they were doing. Who also surrounded themselves by people who defined themselves by what they were doing.

I remember how we used to discuss the "what" of things. The "what" decisions, the "what" plan, the "what" target and objectives... I remember how empty it sometimes felt. And how fast everything was going - probably so we could not notice how empty it was.

What would be the title of the story of my life today? 

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I was reflecting on this when I came accross an article by Mitch Hayes (ever heard of synchronicity before?). I thought you might enjoy it as well.

"Most people allow themselves to be defined by things other than who they are. They allow themselves to be defined by what other people think, by circumstances, by many things beyond their control. Or they allow themselves to be defined by their achievements, how much money they make or how successful they are. Perhaps they define themselves by how much education they have or how much power and influence they have. This one is especially prevalent in political circles. Some define themselves or are defined by others according to their station in life. Do they work for that big law firm or major corporation and live in a six thousand square foot home on the lake or the golf course, or do they work at Walmart and live in a trailer park?

None of these things, in truth, define us. In fact, not only do they not make us who we are, most of them are the result of who we are. No, we cannot control what people think. Nor can we always control outside circumstances that are forced upon us. But, we can control how we respond to those things. At this point I would like to stop and ask a simple question. I suggest you reflect upon this question. Don't just dismiss the idea and don't answer immediately, off the cuff, either. Take some time. Reflect upon it. Get alone in a quiet place, away from the hustle and bustle of life and ask yourself this question: What defines you? Or, in the words of a philosophy professor I had back in my college days and we won't go into how long ago that was either, can you tell me who you are without telling me what you are?" (click to tweet)
Our sense of self worth depends upon how we feel about who we believe we truly are. I guess it's part of the occidental culture to define ourselves by "what" we do, own, make... don't you agree? How about we try to file out the empty part we leave behind when we do so by adding a little something that truly defines us. Aren't we more than just what we are?

Want to share? Tell me, what would be the title of the story of your life today?

To your freedom,



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