Wednesday's Thought - Let go

It is sometimes hard to know if something can be fixed or not.

Someone said: "There is so much in life you can't fix and thinking you can, he noted, is a sign of ego and control." 

So how can you tell? When do you know when it is time to let go?

Step back. And listen. Listen to the people around you. Listen to your inner voice. Then see. See how your actions to make everything right and perfect affects people around you. How it affects you as well. Are you intruding? Are you suffocating your entourage? Are you experiencing positive feelings in the process?

Wanting to fix something always comes from a good place. But we have to recognize when it's not ours to take. Life is about experiencing, the good as well as the bad. Don't take any chunks away from anyone. Go with the flow. Let it go.

To your freedom,



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