My Kintsugi Friend

Monika Welch

Kintsugi is an art that consists of repairing pottery with gold or silver lacquer. 

I have a kintsugi friend. 

Tragedy shattered her life many years ago. 

Is that what now makes her less fearful, more hopeful, less ruthless? Why did she choose to repair her heart with gold? She could have chosen tin or lead, so much easier to find and to work with; above all so much faster to set when you want to get it over with.

A vessel fixed by kintsugi will look

more gorgeous, and more precious, than before it was fractured.

Needless to say I admire my friend's strength and resilience. And I often wonder how can such a small body house so many grand ideas, so much creativity and such a sharp mind.  

Thank you Friend for your friendship and the aliveness you bring into everything you do:) 




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