Monday Success - What is Success?

What is success?

Is success having goals and achieving them? Is success having enough money to support yourself and your family? Is success having more time? Is success having perfect health? Is success having relationships that work? Is success having found true love? Is success being authentic?

There can be multiple responses from many different viewpoints. All are right. All try to answer a very vague and somehow complex question.

Trying to define success is like trying to define water.  

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For some, success is very specific (achieving a certain goal) and/or may be described in more complex, intangible characteristics (feeling good, loved). Success may be inclusive (having enough money implies having a job, expenses planning, etc...) and/or experienced in our bodies (perfect health).

For me, success is simply discernable aspects of prosperity:
  • Healthy body and mind
  • Relationships that work
  • A job you love
  • All the money you can spend

All these contributing to the greater good.

I won't be going further this week as I will host a blog series on exploring the many facets of success starting next Monday. I sure hope you'll join me and invite your friends to connect too.

For now, I would love to get the conversation started. Let me know what is your definition of success in the comments bellow.

Thanks for joining in,



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