Monday Business - 10 Ways to Feel Better at Work Every Day (Part 1)

So, how good do you feel?

We could all take better care of ourselves - physically and emotionally - especially at work. We all know it, yet we tend to forget our bodies and souls need to be fed repeatedly and frequently to carry on and be efficient throughout the day.

For instance, how many times a day do you make time to refuel your body and nourish your spirit? Do you work non stop to get it all done as fast as you can, grabbing a bite to eat in a hurry so you can get to the next item on your to do list? Do you sometimes even forget to breathe?

Tell me, is this how you go about your days? Is this how you want to go about your days?

"Whether we live to a vigorous old age lies not so much 

in our stars or our genes as in ourselves." - George Vaillant

In is this first post (of two), I'll share 5 ways to feel better at work every day. Grab a piece of paper and jot down the things you can do to help your body and mind feel better, using these suggestions as well as your own ideas.

1) Start your morning off right

You all know this. But as a reminder, breakfast boosts memory, improves your mood and can help control your weight. If you're not much of a breakfast eater, try having a smoothie for your morning meal. Blend a banana, some frozen fruits, yogurt, grounded flax seed and pineapple juice. That's how I start my day. I like to add kale or spinach to the mix. Easy and fast:)

2) Smile

"You can be happier at work if you smile more, even if you have to fake it" (Harvard University Gazette). Putting on a happy face has positive benefits both for you and the people around you. Smiling makes everyone feel good. Smile at your manager and co-workers. Smile at yourself when you look in the mirror. Smile right now! - Notice how it makes you feel more relaxed and cheerful:)

3) Work out at work

Sure, you can exercise during your lunch break, take walks or join a nearby gym. But it can be as simple as doing "computer stretch" - stretching your legs out and rotate your ankles and feet while checking your emails or while on the phone. Or stop what you're doing once an hour, take 3-4 deep breaths and stretch and walk for a few moments. Rotate your head and shoulders. You will be amazed how good this will make you feel and how clearer you'll think.

4) Make someone feel good

Doing for others makes you feel good. People who give support and assistance to others are even said to live longer! Some ideas: pick up trash when you see it in a park or on the beach, hold the door to the elevator, let someone else go ahead of you in line, bring a fresh cup of coffee to a co-worker. What else can you add here?

5) Look at something beautiful

The simple act of pausing in your hectic day and looking at something beautiful can improve your outlook and make your feel good. Put a picture of someone you love or a vase of flowers in your work area, hang a pretty print where you'll enjoy it each day. Choose pretty stationary and colorful post-its. Write down a positive affirmation next to your computer screen. Small things make a huge difference.

Feeling better at work doesn't have to be complicated wouldn't you agree? 

Call to action: Now, time to commit to something, either to something you read here or something you came up with. Because committing makes us follow through, please share it in the comments section bellow - who knows, your ideas may inspire someone else who will feel better because of you!

Wishing you a fantastic and feel good week,



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