Manifesting Success (part. 3) - Being in the Zone

Welcome to Day 3 of

the Manifesting Success Series!

This week we're exploring how to authentically manifest success in your life. Ready to be pulled into your future while enjoying the journey?

Yesterday was about learning what leads to success and Day one was about defining success. Today, we'll dive into the core of the Success Mindset and explore what EVERY successful person share when it comes to be their best. As usual, I'll leave you with some powerful coaching questions pertaining to your personal power, at the heart of the Success Mindset. Enjoy!

“Your philosophy of life shapes you more than

anything else.” - Anthony Robbins 

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Being in the Zone

You can picture success as blocks of qualities and attributes assembled to form a pyramid. Yesterday, we had a closer look at the Foundation - the first row - of that pyramid: Performance (work), Loyalty, Connection and Enthusiasm. These four qualities support everything else when it comes to success and represent, in a nutshell, the backbone of any successful person, in whichever domain.

The second row of the pyramid is at its core. I call it the Zone.

The Success Mindset:
Foundation and Zone

Your mindset is the crucial factor that determines if you'll achieve what you want or not. Like in sports, there's a zone, a state of mind, in which you function automatically with little conscious effort. When in this mindset, complex tasks appear to be easily accomplished and time stand still, or rush, depending, as you become immersed in what you're doing. You are fully present, in the now.

Ever been there? I'm sure you did. Didn't you just love it?

Here's the recipe to the Zone: Focus, Discipline and Persistence.

FOCUS - Strive to be the best

If you want to do something, go for it. But make sure you get damn good at it! Focus on one thing and commit to acquire what it takes to excel - to the best of your abilities. To do so, understand what it requires and take action to meet or exceed them. In everything, there is a choice you have to make. Don't settle for less than you can do and be.

DISCIPLINE - Take initiatives

Discipline is your cruise control. Once you get clear on what you have to do and how to do it, discipline allows you to shift gears without even thinking about it. It empowers you, enabling you to take initiatives. Successful people always stretch further: so make decisions and take action. You'll never do all the things you're capable of doing unless you try.

PERSISTENCE - Do, with intentness

Stay on course and concentrate on your objectives with determination and intentness. The road to success may be bumpy at times, but do not give up: even if you have to start over; even if you have to change your method; even if you have to start over. Be tenacious. And be alert. As you strive to be your personal best, alertness will make you see the things you could miss, especially those just in front of you:)

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Call to action:

Do you ever experience being in the Zone? Here are a few meditating and assessing elements that can help you get there more often:

  • Multitasking vs completing one task at the time: which is your preference? Which do you think leads to more satisfaction? Being fully dedicated to one task usually makes us much more productive and reduces stress. We get to actually finish it and forget about it instead of juggling with 10 we don't seem to get done with. Try it.
  • Are you clear on what it takes to succeed in one/all the domains of your life? Do you strive to be the best or are you just going through the motions? 

  • Do you have a pretty regular routine? How do you make most of it? How can you stretch it further so it works even better for you?
  • Are discipline and routine boring concepts to you? After learning about the zone, do you still think so? What has changed?
  • Making decisions always leaves us with doubt about our choices - that is because we wonder if the other option would have been better. Discipline melts away that feeling. Settling into a routine not only makes you more productive (try to change your morning routine and see for yourself how much more time it takes you tomorrow morning), but it actually gives you more freedom and peace of mind.
  • How do you maintain balance so you keep strong physically and mentally?

  • How do you deal with failure? If you're ready to give it everything you've got, there's no shame in failure because it is not, it is feed back you can take into account when you try again - just like when you learned to ride your bicycle. The failure to act - the lack of initiative - is the true failure.
  • How do you deal with crap (Criticism, Rejection, Assholes, Pressure)? Do you rely exclusively on external validation to get going? The best way to deal with crap is by looking at it from a distance. Saying "How interesting!" can help minimize the perceived criticism and let you taking away stuff to improve that you wouldn't have seen otherwise.

Hope this will get your juices going:) Tomorrow, the pyramidion of the Success Mindset pyramid: be back to discover how poise and confidence play determining roles in manifesting success...

Until then, take care!

To your success and happiness,



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