Manifesting Success (Part. 2) - The Foundation of the Success Mindset

Welcome to Day 2 of the Manifesting Success Series!

This week we're exploring how to authentically manifest success in your life. Ready to be pulled into your future while enjoying the journey?

Yesterday was all about defining success and get your fire started in "Success Mindset" mode. Today I'll introduce you to some of the characteristics leading to success that EVERY successful person share. Again today, I'll leave you with some powerful coaching questions pertaining to your personal power and the very basis of the Success Mindset. Enjoy!

What is leading to success?

Many have studied success. Many have studied successful people. Whether outstanding sports' coaches or renowned entrepreneurs, all share qualities and habits that made them manifest success in some huge ways. 

Getting to know how their Success Mindsets work enables us to do the same, not just in one domain of our lives but in all of them. And that my friends, is true prosperity.

Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of

self-satisfaction in knowing you made the effort

to become the best you were capable. - John Wooden

Now try to visualize a pyramid. Got it? The Success Mindset is built just the same: 
. a strong and steady foundation; 
. a core that holds its very own essence and power; 
. all of which meets at a common point at its top; 
. and surrounded by some sort of mystery.

Let's make this a little more tangible, shall we?

1) Success Mindset - The Foundation

A foundation is that on which something is founded, a base on which something stands. It distributes the load of what's on top of it for strength, stability and durability. The Success Mindset's foundation is just that and it establishes the very actions and states of mind from which success will manifest.

Here are the elements that make the Success Mindset so strong:

The Success Mindset Foundation
Notice the 2 corner stones - Performance and Enthusiasm


Performance is the first cornerstone of the foundation of the Success Mindset - meaning working hard and to the fullest extend of your abilities. There is no substitute for work and only you know if you're really doing it. That's why working hard shouldn't feel like so: it should feel like fun. Yes, you should be having fun working your butt off! Successful people have fun doing what they do and feel more like playing than working hard most of the time.

LOYALTY - Mainly to yourself

Loyalty is one of the most precious and important things of all, but it's often forgotten. It has everything to do with care, fairness, respect, dignity and consideration. Loyalty starts with you, being true to your standards and values. Never compromise them to please people or to make things happen faster, you'd end up betraying yourself. With loyalty to yourself, you'll have the courage to always be loyal to those around you too.

CONNECTION - To serve better

Success is about serving others something of value - of value to them. To move forward, you need to connect: connect with yourself and with those around you. Look deep inside, you have all the tools. And share information, ideas, creativity, even tasks, as it creates momentum and paves the way to success. Finding the best way is sometimes better than your own way: so be curious, listen, observe, ask questions and become a master at solving problems.

ENTHUSIASM - Love what you do

Enthusiasm is the second cornerstone of the foundation of the Success Mindset. Your heart must be in what you do if you want to work to the fullest of your abilities and potential. Passion is one of the greatest pathways to success. You've heard it many times, but I'll say it again: doing something because you love it, not for money, will make money come anyway. Working hard with enthusiasm gives energy to the whole Success Mindset pyramid.

Love what you do and do what you love. (click to tweet)

Call to action:

How strong is the base of your Success Mindset? Here are a few meditating and assessing elements to get you going: 

Performance is much more than your job or what you're paid for. Performance represents your actions in each and every domain of your life. 
  • How hard do you work when you're playing sports? How hard do you work when you're doing yoga? How hard to you work at your day job? How hard do you work at your finances? Your relationships? Your health? 
  • On a scale from 1 to 100 (100 being to the fullest of your abilities and potential), how much do you score where it counts most for you? 
  • Are you having fun most of the time? What can you do today to enjoy yourself more? 

Loyalty, to yourself and others, in each and every domain of your life.
  • What are your core values? What is most important to you?
  • What are the standards/boundaries you've created for yourself that you make sure others respect? How are you doing respecting your own standards?
  • Do you have a set of rules that you always go by? If you don't, what are the three rules you could commit to, always? Here are some examples: always be on time - starting on time and finishing on time - turn off the TV when having diner - etc... Creating your set of "3 rules" and sticking to it can significantly improve your quality of life.
  • How often do you betray yourself in some way in order to please people? How often do you find yourself doing the expedient thing instead of what feels right for you?

Connection and will to serve others something of value in each and every domain of your life.
  • How good are you at sharing ideas and connecting? 
  • What interests you the most? What are you most drawn to? What part of a newspaper or magazine do you read first? Try to find what's behind, learn something new about yourself and use it to connect more deeply with your inner self and those around you.
  • How are you serving others and yourself with something of value, every day? Do you make conscious efforts to make people smile or feel good every day? Do you really listen to your better half when he talks to you about something he's passionate about? Do you meditate and make time for yourself? Do you always give the best customer service ever to your clients? Make a list of your own. What new ways can you come up with that would allow you to make better connections?

Enthusiasm and passion in each and every domain of your life.
  • What drives you? What are you passionate about? How does it show every day?
  • Do you love what you do? What is it you love most? How can you make the parts you like less more enjoyable? 
  • If you don't like what you do, what makes it worth staying? Why don't you get out? Maybe not immediately but understand you'll have to leave eventually if you're heart's not in...

Have fun with this today. Tomorrow, we'll explore the very heart of the Success Mindset pyramid...

Until then, take care! 

To your success,



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