Wednesday's Thought - What if...

Never thought about it before I saw this image but what if we were to replace "what if?" by "hell yeah!"? 

Think about it... Suddenly, we would here things like: "Hell yeah...
  • ... let's try this again
  • ... let's have that talk
  • ... let's make that dream come true
  • ... we sure can handle the worst
  • ... let's find a way
  • ... let me tell you how I feel
  • ... let's do it!"

I'm sure you can come up with many more:)

Words are so powerful and it is amazing how these two, "what" and "if", when used together in a certain way, can blend in so smoothly to create this unreal fear-anxiety-hopelessness-resignation cocktail. A very addictive one I should add, that can leave you stuck in the moment.

"Hell yeah!", on the contrary, sets a change in attitude, as well as a change in perspective. It opens a door away from self-doubt and fear, and initiates movement, action. It makes you think more in terms of destination, dreams and goals, don't you think?

Which one do you prefer?

Yep, this is a good one to remember. For you'll never know until you try. And because a life full of "Oh well..." is for sure better than a life of "what ifs..."

To your happiness,



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