Thursday Spirit - On the Topics of Change and Butterflies

Ever noticed how all is dark and thick just before dawn? So I think, although it is not reality in the physical world. 

Maybe it has to do with impatience. Or contrast. Or impatience and contrast. 

Eagerness for beautiful things to come. Wanting to let go of stuff. Embracing the sun or anything new that had us waiting.

How about that butterfly thing?

There is nothing wrong with being a caterpillar. In fact, it's great - carterpillars are so well grounded.

On the other hand, having wings and fly...! Imagine the feeling of the wind beneath your wings!

But metamorphosis is so scary. It is dark and damp, a confined place. And it is, after all, an uncontrollable process, with unclear result. What if....

You have to stop being a caterpillar in order to become a butterfly. 

Change is not always a conscious decision and it will occur, inevitably. Close your eyes and listen to the clues that are right there, deep within you. When it is so dark and the air feels really thick, take a deep breath and let it sink in: you've been a caterpillar for long enough. 

Have an inspirational day,



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