Monday Business - The Reasons Behind it

Starting a new business, or any project, is a leap of faith. Whether it is a great idea that have great potential or a small one that makes our heart sings, taking that first step is always something exciting and highly motivational. 

After waiting sometimes very long to make it happen, planting that first seed just feels so good! Here we are setting goals and envisioning how success is going to feel. We put time and passion into our doings and we care for our new project as if it was a new baby. Because it is.

As time pass, we usually have to make adjustments though and realign our priorities. We may face problems or wonder how we'll successfully accomplish that certain objective by the end of the year. We start to worry. Stress level rises, motivation declines. Fear of not having what it takes, loosing money, failure and/or not having enough time are now making their ways in our minds.

Commonly at that stage, we roll up our sleeves and decide to fix the issues. To do so, we start asking ourselves questions like: "What is the greatest problem in my business?" What do I need to accomplish by the end of the year?" "How can I make it work better?"

When the going gets tough, the Tough get going.

All of the above questions are good ones that will make us come up with a plan or ideas to get back on track. However, to fuel these actions with purpose and to help the Tough get going, we need to feed them the truth and ask ourselves the most important question of them all: "Why?" - As in What is the WHY behind it all?

Why did you start that project, that business, that venture in the first place? What are the reasons behind it - the REAL reasons behind it? Was it to:
  • put your kids in college
  • spend more time with your family
  • buy your dream home
  • have peace of mind
  • be there when your kids get home
  • help your dad every month
  • be your own boss
  • do what you love
  • make a difference
  • feel empowered
  • adopt
  • get the vacation of your dream
  • do what you love
What else can you add here?

These reasons, your answers to the "Why", are the true reasons you took that leap of faith in the first place. They are the power behind your actions, your desire. The more valuable and important the outcome is to you (ex: dream home), the more intense your desire to make it work.

And the greater your desire, the greater your persistence

What will make you succeed at the end of the day is persistence. If you have an intense desire to conquer, you will conquer any fear and persist.

I have an intense desire to conquer, no matter what.

The outcome is too important to me.

Relentless persistence backed by intense desire is the key to success my friend. So never forget to fuel your actions by remembering why you started that something.
Inspiration: Allison Babb Phillips


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