Monday Business - Be Happy in Business

This is, by far, the simplest and one of the most accurate diagram describing the key ingredients to be happy in business.

Designed by Bud Caddel, it basically gives a recipe for happiness and success: 

Do something you really
want to do
Do it really well
Get paid really well for it.

See that "Hooray!" area right in the middle? That's where you want to be.

If you're not there yet, here's what you may want to do: 

  • Learn to monetize when you can't determine how to make enough money from the things you want to do, and do really well. Positioning and defining the type of clients you serve are key.
  • Learn to do this better when you've found things you want to do, and can be paid for, but not the best at. "Being able to recognize your own weakness is a profound strength, and acting to improve what you do is key to any kind of long term growth and stability. Find the best talents and steal them. Learn how your competitors run their businesses, and copy what works."
  • Learn to say no when you've come across things people want you to do (and that you do well) but don't want to do. "This is perhaps the most fatal trap for any business. (...) you'll stop loving what you do, and you'll lose the passion that built your business in the first place."

Hope this gives you some ideas:)

Have fun today,



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