Goodbye Miss Daisy

First time on my shoulder, 5 years ago
My beloved Miss Daisy has passed away. 

I did not know when we brought her home five years ago that I would come to love her so.

Her cage door was always opened and she only spend time there to get a quick snack or her night sleep. She preferred to walk, which she did a lot, just like a penguin. It was so funny to watch:) When she flew, it was like a snowbird, fierce and fast. 

She had a play area under a table where she played Extreme Frisbee with med bottle caps. And where she carried around a red Lego she was very protective of - no one was aloud to touch that baby!

She was curious. And smart. She loved it when I took the seed beads out: she would always try to get away with one in the brightest color. She spent most her days on my shoulder resting or talking: "Oh! Que tu es belle! Bon matin! Coucou! Coucou! Allo pitchounette! Tu as fait un bon dodo? Oh! Boy! Oh! Boy! Mais que tu es belle!". She was a sassy French chick:)

Mostly, Daisy was happy and lovely and a great little being.

But lately, she'd not been acting quite like herself and when I returned from hospital last week she had became so quiet... I could see she was in some kind of pain.

Yesterday, she barely moved and spent all day snugged, tucked under my chin. This morning, I took her in my hands to keep her warm and held her close to my heart - I even sang to her - while she slowly drifted away.

I never could have imagined this little feathery, free spirit blue bird, could have won such a big chunk of my heart. I will dearly miss you, my sweet little Daisy. Thank you for that wonderful time you spent with us. 


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