Thursday Spirit - Powerful Morning Questions

A simple way to express gratitude and focus on your goals is to ask yourself a few simple but powerful questions each morning.

Here are my five morning questions. Framed in my bathroom, I read them as I prep for the day ahead:
  1. How will I be a giver today?
  2. Who will I reach to today and how am I going to make a difference in her/his life?
  3. What will I see/hear/feel today that I have not experienced yet?
  4. What will I learn today that will get me closer to my goals, my mission?
  5. How will I continue to get fit while enjoying the process?

Many times I don't have the answers to the questions. But reflecting on them at the start of the day opens a door to inspiration and makes me mindful of how I will go about my day. It keeps me centered. Receptive to what lies underneath all things and beings. More present.

Powerful morning questions are a great gift to give yourself. Hope you'll try them:)

Have a powerful day,



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