The Path of the Heart

I guess we have no choice but to evolve. Getting older has taught me to focus on meaningful rather than urgent. And that change is inevitable.

Progress means I cannot stay the same and have to let go. It often times leaves me experiencing fear or insecurity. I find more and more it is because I don’t trust myself enough and this enormous potential we all are born with.

If I close my eyes and point my index to myself while saying “Me”, my finger ends up on my heart, on my spiritual heart, not on my head. I must learn to trust and listen to that small voice inside of me. Have you learned to trust your inner voice and can you hear it clearly? Or are you better at trusting the more “logical” side of yourself, like I am?

Awareness means we must accept responsibility for our lives. It is us that creates our circumstances; even those we dislike. It takes honesty and humility. But it opens so many doors to willingness! The more resistance I find, the more I know I have hit upon exactly the problem.

Taking responsibility empowers ourselves. It increases our potential to change our circumstances and the choices we can make. All the answers are inside us. I sometimes forget to look deep inside myself first.

More and more, I try to remind myself there are many paths I can choose. But to travel the fastest, I must carry the lightest load and with the most intense longing. If I trust myself and let me be, I can more easily release the old self I do not want to be and embolden the vision of the new self I am moving towards.




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