The Jar of Time

What gets planned gets done.

Plan and dream around your biggest priorities.

While lecturing at a local university, a professor put a Mason jar in the front of the room. Right next to that jar he placed a bowl full of rocks and proceeded to fill up the jar with rocks. After squeezing in about 6 or 7 and finally running out of room, he looked up at the class and asked if they thought the container was full.

The students looked at the jar, looked back at the rocks and said: "Sure. The jar looks full."

At that point the professor reached underneath the table and pulled out another bowl. Except this time instead of rocks, it was filled with gravel. And with the stones being smaller than the original rocks, he easily poured the contents into the open areas of the Mason jar.

After about half a minute, the professor put the new bowl down and asked the class again: "Was the jar full?"

Well, by this time the students were starting to get the hang of it, and even though they weren't sure what was coming next, they said: "Probably not."

"All right," the professor said. He reached back underneath his desk, pulled out a bucket of sand and immediately began pouring that into the jar.

So imagine you've got this Mason jar overflowing with rocks, sand, and all this other stuff spilling out on the table to the point where there was literally not another inch of open space left.

After a few seconds the professor looked at the jar, looked back at the class and quietly asked: "What's the lesson?"

Well you could have heard a pin drop since everyone wanted to know what the Old Man was up to. Finally a hand went up in the back of the room, and rather sheepishly the student said: "You couldn't fit the rocks in if you put the other stuff in first."

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