DIY Projet - Dreams and Gratitude Jars

Simply writing down a plan increases your chances of success by at least 30%.

So why not attract your heart's desires by doing the same in a fun and grateful way ?

Creating Family Dreams and Gratitude Jars

  1. Find/recycle 2 jars that will hold your family's wishes and thanks and make them pretty;
  2. Ask each family member to write down on lovely pieces of paper their dreams/wishes and put them in the jar;
  3. At the end of the day, or each week, take time to write down and give thanks for the many good things that happened or that you witnessed;
  4. Whenever a wish/dream has been granted, remove it from the Dream Jar and drop it in the Gratitude Jar;
  5. At the end of the year, take time to review and share all that you were granted with by emptying and reviewing the content of your Gratitude Jar.

Tips and suggestions:
  • Give each family member a specific color to write down their dreams and thanks;
  • Don't dream alone: add family dreams and thanks to your jars;
  • No dream/wish is too small or too big to go in the jar - don't stop yourself from dreaming;
  • Make this a tradition.

Dream big and have a wonderful day,



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