Sinking into the pull of gravity

Defying gravity is one thing. Letting you drop completely into it is another thing. Have you ever tried? Stangely, choosing the "effortless" situation is rarely how we go about.

There are only four options to any given situation : remove yourself from the situation, change it, influence it or accept it. The way you decide to act upon it is completely yours and is directly link to your state of mind and thoughts, often times unconcious. How do you react when your computer freezes? Do you keep pressing, or pounding, the "Enter" and "Delete" buttons a gazillion times before finally accepting to shut it down?

Not resisting and letting go take less energy but are actually quite a challenge as they take trust, confidence, serenity and accepting that whatever is or was, well... is or was. They may take patience and time as they will only come with a shift of the mind and will have to be experimented a couple of times before replacing the old scheme - from a gazillion times, to a thousand, to only a couple - before becoming automatic responses.

Letting go is not to approve, only to acknoledge. It allows you to pick your battles and empowers you with the energy and streght needed to change what is truly dear to your heart you have control over:)

Eckhart Tolle believes we create and maintain problems because they give us a sense of identity. Holding on to destructive patterns, negative thoughts and holding on to things and thoughts that no longer serve us and our purpose most probably do too. But is it how you want to define yourself?

The true to question to ask yourself then is how do you want to define yourself, what is your purpose, and how will you get there? Commit to take a step, even a very small one, every day in that direction. You'll have so much more joy and energy!

Have a wonderful week-end and take care,



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