You know it's officially fall when...

  • You say to yourself you should wash the windows before it’s too cold outside

  • You feel like reading a book under a warm blanket and sipping your favourite tea

  • You love walking outside feeling in the crisp air and getting rosy cheeks

  • Nature looks so beautiful and simply smells wonderful

  • Halloween decorations start to pop up in the neighbourhood

  • You start turning on the lights at 5pm

  • You’re wearing long sleeves shirts

  • You don’t feel bad missing shaving every other day because you’re mostly wearing pants now

  • You keep buying too many apples and end up making endless batches of apple sauce – who wants apple sauce?

  • You feel like making spaghetti sauce and chocolate chip cookies

  • All sort of ideas for Christmas cards are emerging in your head you don’t know where from

When do you know it's officially fall?

Enjoy the day,



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