What are my biggest inspirations? Erin asked me this question through Skribbit (on the left sidebar of my blog). I tried to come up with a simple answer but simply could not:(
So here are a few of my favorite things:)

Colors. Colors do inspire me. I prefer strong colours and unusual color combinations.
Funny when you know I mostly wear black and white:)

Shapes inspire me too. Unusual shapes. Tall, old monuments and gargoyles.
I love Alberto Giacometti’s sculptures. I love sitting in a church, a cathedral or a museum and absorb the ambiance and the so many details all around me.

I guess I can’t leave “texture” behind. I love the cool feel of silk, the softness of mohair... I like to feel the light resistance of the stringer as I “paint” a bead. Music moves me.

Pure, raw elements. Water I love and respect the most. I love rain. And I can sit by a fire for hours in silence. Melting glass still fascinates me. I love when the wind decides to play with my hair and I love to feel earth in my hands, on my hands, even underneath my fingernails. Feeling the warmth of the sand underneath my feet and in between my toes always makes me smile.

Nature is a never ending source of inspiration. Just look closely at a tree branch or a flower... hundreds of designs are already there and offered to you, perfect and free of charge.

Patience. I love the expectation, the fact that I have to wait for the beads to come out of the kiln the next day before actually playing with them. We always appreciate better something we have to wait a little bit for:)

A lot of times a design will come to me at night, just before I fall asleep, or during some kind of daydreaming. I generally know how I will make a design come to life before I actually start working on it. I know what wire I will use, how I will bend it, what beads I will incorporate... I love this process.

I could go on and on and on... Everything that comes my way and let "sink in" can be transcendented somehow.

Now tell me, what inspires you?




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