Did you watch the Chilean miners’ rescue? Wasn’t it wonderful? Did you cheer for them and their families? Maybe did you shed a tear or hug the person sitting right next to you on the couch?

As I was watching, I was thinking of what must have kept them alive. Spending two months so deep down under, in a hole, without being able to see and feel the sun, without being able to see and feel their loved ones, without comfort nor facilities... how did they do it?

I think that more than food and water, what kept them alive - what keeps us alive - is hope.

Did you know that “rich” people live in average 12 years longer than “poor” people? Only a quarter of this can be explained by nutrition or life conditions. The determinant factor is hope. Call it “projects”, “something to look forward to”, “peace of mind”, “optimism”, “faith”, “ambition”, “belief” or “aspiration”, these words all mean the same thing: a better quality of life and a will to “carry on” and “persist” longer.

So cheer someone today, give him or her hope and treat yourself to a little daydreaming:)

Have a good one,


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