Creating Handmade with Handmade

I love finding and following new blogs. They are many times great sources of inspiration and discoveries. And this one I had to share with you!

It is called "LOVE MY ART JEWELRY ~Creating handmade with handmade~". I love it's mission statement: "...By choosing "handmade" you are certain to be creating or purchasing a one-of-a-kind piece. You will also feel an intimate relationship with the maker ... a union of sorts, when wearing a piece created from all handmade.These final products occur at one time in the maker’s life and captures something that hasn’t been captured before. These moments in time are precious - and in this work one can find touchstones to deeper feelings or values." Resonates with you too?

It also hosts great challenges and giveaways. For instance, how about winning some gorgeous bubblelicious enamel beads from Barbara Lewis? In fact, you could win all of the beads that were used in her "Autumn Bliss" necklace, which is on the cover of Handcrafted Jewelry. Take a look at this month Love my Art Jewelry's challenge to find out how:)

So spread the word and have fun creating handmade!

Take care and have a wonderful day,



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