Working From and Outside the Home

I've been pretty busy the last many days. I went back to the "office" routine for a short contract with City Hall. I really enjoyed it. People were so nice and interesting. I guess "real flesh and blood people" are what you miss the most when working from home: the face to face conversations with colleagues, eye contacts, the good laughs you always get in the middle of the afternoon when meeting with that guy from the other department. Oh! And the coffee breaks:)

The flip side is that I did miss my beads and tools. The time spent in silence simply creating something. So it felt genuinely good when I sat at the work table this week-end:) I didn't want to try out anything fancy or extravagant. I didn't want to think too much. I only wanted to savour the moments. And I did. I enjoyed listening to the clicking sound of the beads rolling against each other. I enjoyed feeling the wire in my hands. I smiled and felt contentment when a piece was completed:)

I realized I'd missed working at and with a few of my favorite things. But that I will tell you all about on another day. Instead, here are some pics of the items I designed this week-end and that I just listed in my Etsy Shop:)

Oh! And I also completed my Bead Soup challenge projects:) Stay tuned for a real soon to come sneak peak where I'll tell you all about it.

Take care for now and have a wonderful day,

Patricia Wood


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