Spinning Round and Round

I made the prettiest set of beads yesterday. I love playing with light ivory, turquoise and black from Moretti: these colors just feel like icing in the flame.

I needed the meditation the torch always brings me. The total yet easy focus it requires. Glass has a mind of its own; in fact each color has its personality. In front of the flame, you can never rush any movement or try to make it go faster. Your hands are right in the middle of the physical element you’re transforming and your creative mind.

I played with roundness with this set. The beads are plumped and big and whole. I added dots, but not in a symmetrical way. And only for one did I play with stringer. I like it better when something odd blends in the whole. Makes it... special.

I will list this set in my Etsy shop later today. The light is not very bright this morning and I need to take better pictures. Meanwhile, I will be at the torch meditating over melon colors and textures.

Take care and have a wonderful day,

Patricia Wood


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