The Good and The Bad Bead Days

There are terrific beads days. Everything flows, anything goes, the kiln gets full within a few hours.

And there are the not so good days. You spend 30 minutes on a single bead that won’t even make it near the kiln, somehow you manage to put too much propane in the flame, you forget to heat the other end of the bead you’re working on so it cracks just before you’re done... And when you’ve finally managed to get five beads into the kiln, you start hearing strange popping sounds in the middle of the annealing process...

This single hollow bead is all that’s left of yesterday’s “production” – lol!!! Still, I had a great time at the torch. Let's hope today will go a little bit more smoothly!

This Honey Melon Set was listed yesterday in my Etsy Shop. The day I made it was really a much better bead day!

Hope you have a terrific day! Take care,

Patricia Wood


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