Tuesday's Finds - Spices and Travel Indochine

Traveling isn't just about hoping in a car, train or next flight to some exotic location. Sometimes the simplest things can uplift your spirit and take you away. Like a fragrance or a story.

Indochine Natural products are designed to do just that. "Their soaps provide you with the opportunity to relive the bygone spice trade era and enjoy exotic and sensual aromas, and at the same time experience handmade soaps that are not only natural and free from harmful chemicals, but are also good for your skin."

I love how they tell you all about the story and how lovingly, proudly they market their products. "Penang Island has been associated with the spice trade to Europe since the 16th century. These exotic spices were to be had only in small quantities in Europe after long and dangerous voyages in seas beset by pirates and swept by terrible storms. Today, in the UNESCO World Heritage city of Georgetown on Penang Island, traditional traders still sell these highly prized spices in markets where your senses are assailed by the odor of exotic spices.

Indochine Natural soap makers "purchase their herbs & spices from these traditional traders and handcraft their soaps from local coconut and palm oil using a traditional cold process. Their soaps are 100% natural, with no added chemicals or synthetic additives. This produces a truly pure soap that is long lasting with amazing lather, and fragrances reminiscent of the spice trade."

You can just close your eyes, smell the aromas and feel the wonderful soft lather on your skin. I love it. Hope you'll try all of Indochine's amazing products.

Have a wonderful day,

Patricia Wood

PS: Many thanks for all your comments about yesterday's post - Finding Your Niche - here and on the Etsy Forum:)


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