New Designs - Showing the Goods!

Another gorgeous day today:) Here are two little designs I listed this week.

I handmade this flower pendant using polymer clay and painted it all pretty using red, yellow and white. I chose a very delicate twisted silver chain and added a gorgeous resine leaf at the back. It looks real pretty if you have shorter hair or if you wear your hair up.

Really pretty for spring and summer:)

I also made these awesome earrings. I found the stones in a gem store and fell instantly for them. Look ate the color! Love the tigerish blend of ivory and aubern... Too bad I did not write down what they are! I tried to look them up but kind of quit after an hour. Maybe you can tell me what they are?

I just know that they look absolutely fabulous with the silver wire wrapping:)

You can click on the images to see more views.

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you'll have a terrific day,

Patricia Wood


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