Letting Go

I meditate every day. It brings me peace and happiness. It feels like being invited to sit and enjoy the beauty of a magnificent oasis, a little piece of heaven within me.

Life has its mysterious ways. You might call them synchronicity, chance, unexpected surprises, all of which brings sense or direction to events in your life. But sometimes, we just choose to close our eyes or not see the signs.

Our house has been for sale for many months now. We had very few visitors. And the people that did come, although all liking the house, never made an offer. There were problems with the loading of the pictures, problems with the listing itself, our agent switched town, I never got any feed-back after a visit unless I asked for it, last week the pictures and description vanished again... It made me angry and disappointed, and I blamed it all on the agent.

But now, I believe there is more to it. These have been signs I chose to pay little or no attention at all. Being angry was less trouble than looking inside me and listening to my little voice...

It all made sense when I came across this quote from Buddha: “Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with intent to throwing it at someone else; You are the one that gets burned.”

Those words really resonated with me. Was I holding on? Was I really willing to let go of this house, of that wall were the height of my son has been penciled many times a year for the last 12 years?

I decided to be angry at the agent and the situation instead of acknowledging my true feelings and I got in the way of things. When you take the right decision and are in peace with it, it shines with enthusiasm and everything flows easily with success.

So is selling this house the right thing to do for me right now? Maybe it is. Maybe it is not. I guess it won’t happen before I take a good look inside and let go of my fears and worries. Like all the “if only’s” sometimes haunting us, fears, worries and regrets are big heavy anchors we drag around that diminish our ability to grow, develop and move forward. I guess not knowing how or to fear of letting go is like fighting against our very own nature.

I can tell I’m on the right path... here’s the affirmation card I picked this morning: “I have to let go of the things I can’t control and take control of the things I can. I can’t control all the events of my life but I can control my state of mind during them. My state of mind is what determines my happiness, not the events of my life. I am the master of my own happiness because I am the master of my mind.”

What are you holding on to?

Many blessings,

Patricia Wood


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