Easy Branding

A brand is a name, sign, symbol, slogan or anything that is used to identify and distinguish a specific product, service or business. If you're a business owner or would like to get yours started, you probably thought about it - whether that be in terms of a logo, colors, packaging or stationery.

Sometimes we don't really know where to start... but simple pieces of beautiful recycled paper and a stamp may just do the trick!

Look a this one - isn't it awesome? Simple, great looking, you can stamp a piece of paper and Voilà! instant stationery! Or how about stamping that recycled craft paper you are using to package your sold items?

Purple Lemon Designs is the great shop I found these goodies and items in. Purple Lemon, don't you just love the name? It is owned by Kelly Rinehart, a designer who has decided to work for herself and her own customers after working for others for the past 8 years :)

PurpleLemonDesigns offers, designs and produces custom rubber stamps and stationery, both printable and professionally printed. The custom products are designed to complement the customer's personality. And the prices: totally reasonable!

So check out Purple Lemon Designs and get your stamps or other goodies (like wedding stamps, printable stationery and more...) before April 11th and get 10% off your entire order excluding shipping. Get the details here.

Hope you'll grad this easy branding tip and get that perfect stamp made especially for you soon!

Take care,

Patricia Wood


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