Tuesday's Find - Eco Ride and Lunch

Having lunch outside on a sunny day is a great way to re-energize and relax. You can simply sit and enjoy the nice weather or stretch and decide to go for a quick stroll around the block. Or maybe ride your bike to that nice place, near the lake, you spotted last week? Whatever, make it fun and ecological with these cuties I found:)

Eco-friendly Reusable Sandwich/Snack/Storage Bag

I wish I turned to these reusable sandwich/snack bags sooner... No more need to buy box after box of disposable plastic bags, while taking care of the planet and saving money. And you have to admit, they look a lot brighter than a ziplock!

What I love about these bags from GoEco is that they're made with nice quilting cotton and lined with water repellent nylon. They have velcro closure and no exposed seams, so no crumbs will get caught in the threads!

Check them out and turn earth friendly in a colorful way:)

Classy Lunchbox Bike Pannier

And if you're looking for a lunchbox, how about this one that will also perfectly fit a small-framed citybike or a front rack?

Very nice all around, they're repurposed/modified from rare military surplus cases by Jeff Potter, proprietor of OutYourBackDoor.

They're not too big and I just love the way they look. Grab a little snack, your favorite book and you're now good to go for that bike ride you've been dreaming of the last couple of days:)

Enjoy and go play outside today! Take care,

Patricia Wood


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