Beautiful Lacker and Treasure Boxes for All Your Precious Things:)

I love boxes - I like making them, I like buying them, I even like getting them as gifts! They can make gorgeous deco accessories and liven up any dull space. I thought you might enjoy and be inspired by these little work of art... Enjoy!

Lacquered Boxes by Kristen Stein

I stumbled upon these beautiful high-gloss lacquered jewelry and keepsake boxes featuring original artwork by Kristen Stein a few days ago. These treasury boxes are fully-lined in velvet and the bottom is covered in felt. And each box is hand-signed by the artist:) 

Kristen is a wonderful award-winning Contemporary Artist. You can see her  lacquered boxes and some of her other work here.

Treasure Boxes by Juliette Crane

Juliette Crane also creates wonderful treasure boxes. Each one is a little mixed media collage. Juliette is a freelance Mixed Media Artist and Illustrator. Her work is colorful, whimsical and really really cute:)

To see her beautiful treasure boxes, original art, prints and jewelry, click here:)

Be inspired and have a wonderful day,

Patricia Wood

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