Tuesday's Finds - Imwithsully by Kimberly Coles

Kimberly Coles is a wonderful artist I just discovered.

She literally "transports her viewers into a dream-like world, where the mythical characters tell ancient tales of enchantment".

Like this top sliding resin pendant. Isn't a beauty?

Kimberly creates artworks in a wide variety of media, from pencil to digital collage. You can have a look at some of her beautiful artwork on Etsy right here, like these fabulous handpainted drawer pulls.

Last June, she was named to the “50 Best Female Web Designers Around the World" and “25 Hot Female Web Designers in the World". Awesome:)

Hope you'll enjoy wandering around her shop!

Take care and have a great day,

Patricia Wood

PS: My Spring Blossom Bracelet made me Designer of the Week on ABS! More details tomorrow. But you can have a peek for now right

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