Alice in Wonderland Opens Today!

Alice was one of my favorites when I was growing up. I had the little book and matching record from Disney and remember listening to it very often. I was fascinated by this imaginary world, a little scared, mesmerized by the playing cards, the White Rabbit, the Red Queen and tea parties. It made sense to me that Alice was tired of logic and lessons of the ordinary world and wanted a world of her very own: a world of nonsense, if you please, where everything will be what it isn't, and "contrariwise," when it isn't, will be what it is...

When I designed my "Alice in Wonderland" necklace, I did just that, playing with a "nonsense composition" that made perfect sense:)

In Tim Burton's version that opens today, Alice is a 19 year old character who "returns to the magical world from her childhood adventure, where she reunites with her old friends and learns of her true destiny: to end the Red Queen's reign of terror."

I can't wait to see how Burton worked the characters and made the story his own. Hope you'll get to see it this week-end! Did I say I can't wait?

Take care and have a wonderful day everyone,

Patricia Wood

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