VerreDesign's Latest Work - Simply Being

Simply being and letting go have been recurring themes for me. Maybe that's why I like flowers so much, as they don't strain to grow? I realized that only after completing this last mixed media piece yesterday. On its back you can read: "Don't try to be anything else than yourself, and try to be that perfectly." I read this beautiful quote on a recent post by Kind Over Matter.

I also played with glass and wire and completed this bright and fun bracelet. Even though it's cold outside, the days are getting longer and warm energy is slowy coming back. It feels good to play with colors this time of year:)

Both creations are available in my Etsy Shop.

Have a wonderful day,

Patricia Wood

PS: I am so humbled - my work was part of the Quebec Designers Series on AnnyMay's blog yesterday! Have a look here!

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