Tinkerbell Earrings

Aren't these little Tinkerbell Earrings the cutest things ever?

I spent all afternoon yesterday designing and making them - which is really unusual on my part. I usually go one piece at a time. But I could not help myself with these! I spread the lucites flowers in front of me, trying to decide which one I would pick and it just went "Oh! These ones with these beads and these ones with those beads..." I had a blast combining my beads with the delicate and colorful little flowers:)

Result is graceful and colorful and it simply makes you feel good:)

I will work on the wire earring hooks this morning and start listing them in my Etsy Shop later today:)

I am curious: Do you have a favorite piece of jewelry or clothing that makes you feel good?

Hope you'll have a terrific and fun Friday,

Patricia Wood

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