My First Set of "Designed" Beads:)

Lori Anderson talks about her "first beads" today in her blog. Think she did a pretty good job at her first attempt! Holes are not sharp and she even got a try at the dots! Congratulations!!

I don't have any pictures of my very first beads but I did make a bracelet out of my first try at "designed" beads a few years ago. I think I lost 10 pounds (all in sweat!) during that session and was so tense I got leg cramps!

When I opened the kiln the day after I remember feeling so proud! I knew the beads were less than perfect but I knew somehow I had it in me, I had "potential".

I still wear my bracelet very often - it makes me smile. It still makes me proud:) And it reminds me practice makes perfect - you only have to take that first step.

Have a great day and a wonderful week-end,

Patricia Wood

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