How to Distinguish Yourself From the Mass Market

I just read this great article posted on the Storque on Etsy "A Different Thing Entirely: How to Distinguish Yourself From the Mass Market".

What Rushkoff says about displaying our values struck me the most, especially in the "bolster your descriptions" section: "What makes your product stronger or last longer than other mass manufactured items? Highlight these elements in your descriptions. Break down what terms like “serging” and “varnish” mean for the layman, especially if they add to your message of quality. Don’t assume your buyers understand these terms or the value they convey."

I don't really do that as a seller. Do you?

One thing we should all start doing is add at the end of our descriptions the words "Time Invested". What greater and simpler way to consolidate our descritions and set us apart than to let our visitors all the time and care we put in everything we do?

Are you with me? Let's start a "Time Invested Movement" and may we all bolster our descriptions!!

Maybe Etsy could eventualy add this feature, would be awesome:)

Have a great day everybody and hurray for setting ourselves apart from mass production,

Patricia Wood

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