Feeling Denim Blue - Latest Designs

Polymer clay is a really wonderful media. It allows you to come up wih all kinds of shapes and designs. What's also great about it is that it is very light. I like chunky pieces but sometimes limit myself, especially for earrings, because I also think of comfort - glass is already not on the lighter side:)

I chose these pieces to show you what you can come up with polymer clay. I am really please with the denim blue serie:) I used black clay then worked the pieces with acrylic blue paint to give them an "organic" stone look. I then sealed and protected them with a satin varnish. Great look, chunky, without the weight of slate.

Two of these cuties are still to be listed in my Etsy Shop. You will find them all in there by the end of the day:)
I truly hope you'll have a wonderful day! Take care,

Patricia Wood

PS: Thank you so much for all your positive comments on Monday's 10 Tips to Work Happy and Productive From Home post:)

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