Work in Progress and Soon Available by VerreDesign!

This is the crocheted bag I just completed! I am very pleased with the result:) I love big bags and this one is so versatile! I just need to add a key chain hook inside and it will be all completed.

Beside is another crocheted item I completed last week, a simple cowl-necklace which I this is lovely and very versatile too. It makes you look fabulous. I will add a few ribbons and it will be done:)

This one was knitted using a soft cappuccino color yarn. You can button it all up or not, depending on how strong the wind is blowing. It will keep you warm - no more excuses for not going take that daily walk!

These two last pictures show you some work in progress. One will probably end up as a necklace. The other... well, you can't tell from the picture, but will be lovely "message-flowers". You'll see, they will be great:)

Hope you'll have a terrific week-end! Take care,

Patricia Wood

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