Montreal, City of Glass 2010: A tale of innovation

I talked about this in Facebook last October and completely forgot about it... until this morning, when LittleSis forwarded me a link to the event. I SO look forward to it!

"Montreal, City of Glass: A Tale of Innovation"
is an extensive cultural project of international scope to be held from February to December 2010.

A event first of its kind within Montreal’s cultural landscape, City of Glass will present, in association with twenty-five museums and cultural networks, a series of events, exhibitions and one-time activities surrounding the theme of glass. All aspects of glass will be explored: art (including glass art training), architecture, history and science. Programming includes about twenty exhibitions and dozens of onetime activities, demonstrations, shows, performances, workshops and guided tours.

"Glass comes from within the earth itself. Born from the mysterious transformation of mere grains of sand, glass was discovered in the Middle East approximately 3,000 years B.C., product of the fusion of sand and minerals. Pliny the Elder told the tale of its discovery when he described the glass pearls found among the ashes of a fire of some Phoenician bivouac. This chance discovery was then followed by the important invention of the blowing iron a few hundred years B.C. And by the 3rd Century A.D., those inventive Romans had already developed glass preparation techniques which are still in use today.

A fascinating medium, glass lends itself to the creation of delicate scientific instruments as much as to unyielding architectural structures. It is equally suited for the creation of jewellery as it is for the production of containers, from the most modest to the most practical. But beyond its practicality, glass has always been suited for exceptional artistic creation. At once an art form and a craft, glass-making truly transcends the medium which gives it form."

If you'd like to know more about this event, please visit It is not to be missed!

Take care and have a wonderful day,

Patricia Wood

PS: Sis, j'ai reçu ton email à 3h17! - que faisais-tu devant ton ordinateur au beau milieu de la nuit?!? Bossais sur ton travail de droit immobilier?

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