Beads and Anticipation

Melting glass is so great:) Each color has its own way of reacting to heat and behaving in the flame. Sometimes it feels like spreading glaze onto a cake, sometimes like bending a soft piece of wire. White becomes transparent, green turns orange, yellow is suddenly red and you can not see the red dots you applied on a black base because everything is glowing red before turning black...

There is also a wonderful feeling of "anticipation" related to glass. The little piece you created will spend a few hours in the kiln, meaning you rarely see the result of the time you spent at the torch before the next day. Will it turn the way you expect? Will the pieces be intact? Did I just hear a cracking sound? In these times of instant gratification, I enjoy that little feverish wait - it kind of feels like Christmas:)

I am very happy with some of the beads you see here, disappointed with others. I have ideas for some, don't know what I'll do with others. Some I probably won't even be able to use - Did you see that little crack in one of them? What will I combine them with?

I hope you'll include a little moment of anticipation in your day today:)

Have a great one,

Patricia Wood

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