New Mixed Media Painting Artwork

My latest designs are not jewelry but mix media pieces.

I had a wonderful time creating these two pieces. I used acrylic paint, oil pastels, gel pen, paper, wire and glass, of course:)

This blue piece is called "Live in Joy". These simple words make me smile. I wrote:

Live in Joy
Live with Hope
Love with all your Heart

The little flowers seem to stretch to touch the sky:)

This green piece is called "Flowers".

You can read the words "Flowers don't strain to grow".

We don't have to strain, simply to open our hands to receive:)

I can't wait to frame them, I think they will look beautiful. I'm even thinking of making a few and try to sell them on Etsy. Do you think they could bring a little joy to someone?

Well, they make me happy:) Hope you'll have a joyful day too! Take care,

Patricia Wood

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