Keeping busy

Keeping busy right now with a few many things...

On the first picture, you can see a relooked necklace I completed for a dear customer and friend. It took me so long to complete it and come up with a decent design! I kept looking at the beads and trying different things that, well, were just not "it". I even completed another necklace, which I had ambiguous feelings about... My sister's look this past week-end screamed so loud I was out of track that I had no choice but to start over again! lol!!! But I think it was so worth it:) I love this gold Ferrero necklace!

The knit you see is something I'm currently working on for my mom:)

Finally, I wanted to show you some tiny little flower earrings I made for a 5 year old:) Aren't they cute? Made from rainbow yellow a leprechaun gave me and star dust offered by a fairy:)

What are you keeping busy with these days? Hope you're having fun!

Take care,

Patricia Wood

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